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The Flower/Plant Hanger is Welded or Threads Into a Mounting Plate or a Post Clamp. All Welding is Per ANSI/AWS D1.2-90. All Welders Are Certified Per ANSI/AWS D1.2-90 Section 5.

The End Caps and Clamp-Ons Are Copper-Free Cast Aluminum Produced From Certified ASTM Ingot. The Hanger and Mounting Plate Are Aluminum, ASTM 6061, Heat Treated to a T6 Temper. All Hardware is Stainless Steel.

Endeavor’s Flower/Plant Hangers Are Round Extruded Schedule 80 Aluminum Pipe with Removable Cast Aluminum End Cap. The Bolt-On Hanger Bolts to a Mounting Channel on the Side of the Post with Four Stainless Steel Screws. The Clamp-On Mountings Clamp Around the Post, Secured with Two ¼” Hex Head Stainless Steel
Bolts. (Post Diameter at Mounting Point Must be Specified.) Clamp Mounts Feature the Same Basic Coupling for 4” and 5”, and Are Also Available in a Custom Size for Larger Poles.



Spec Sheet:  
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Flower Hanger

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